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Piano Lessons at Kerry’s Piano Studio

Training fingers, ears & eyes.

Looking for piano lessons Brisbane? Kerry is a highly experienced piano teacher, teaching piano to students of all ages and skill levels at Kerry’s Piano Studio located in The Gap Brisbane.

Kerry Beaumont - Piano Teacher The Gap Brisbane

Kerry Beaumont – Piano Teacher The Gap Brisbane

Kerry has been teaching piano for over 35 years. She enjoys working with both adults and children and combines aspects of her classical and jazz training in her piano teaching style. Her calm, supportive teaching method combined with an extensive musical knowledge provides a base from which she individually tailors lessons to suit each student. This flexible approach has made her a sought-after teacher who is highly recommended by students.

Kerry is highly qualified having achieved the following music and teaching qualifications:

As students learn piano with Kerry, they learn to read music and develop a reliable technique but are also encouraged to play by ear and to improvise. Students wishing to sit for AMEB Qld exams are encouraged to to so.

With younger children  (4 years old plus) Kerry uses a Kodaly-based method with lots of singing, rhythm games and aural training. Zoltan Kodaly (1882 – 1967) was a Hungarian composer and educator who believed that everyone has musical aptitude and that music develops a person on all levels – emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. He recommended that music education should start as early as possible and mirror the way children learn naturally – with singing, playing games and movement.

Listen to Kerry playing JS Bach – Prelude No. 2 in C Minor


Annual Concert and Christmas Concert for Students

Every year in Term 3, Kerry’s students get together and perform at Kerry’s Piano Studio’s annual concert. Students play one or two of their lesson or exam pieces.  Each student also gets to pick a favourite song to perform at the concert. Recent choices have included ‘Firework’, ‘Someone Like You’ ‘Undertale’ ‘Viva la Vida’ ‘Flashlight’ – anything goes!

Concerts are held at Birralee Headquarters in Bardon,using their beautiful Grand Piano. The students really enjoy showing their parents/grandparents what they have been learning in their piano lessons. Kerry’s Piano Studio also holds an informal concert at the end of the year.

Kerry's Piano Studio The Gap Annual Student Concert

Kerry’s Piano Studio Annual Student Concert

Kerry's Piano Studio The Gap Annual Student Concert

Kerry’s Piano Studio Students


AMEB QLD Piano Qualifications

Australian Music Examination Board QualificationsKerry finds that working towards examination can be very motivating for some students.   If this is the case they are encouraged to sit the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) qualifications as they progress.

Every year many people sit AMEB music examinations for a variety of reasons. Many take exams at the advice of their teacher or as a prerequisite for tertiary entrance or as a benchmark of their education or for recognition of their year’s hard work and achievement. Jazz students may sit The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) examinations. If you are interested in achieving piano qualifications while learning piano with Kerry, please discuss with her what is required.


Kerry’s Professional Development Program

Kerry has had a very exciting year of professional development. Highlights include:

  • continuing private lessons and teacher training sessions in the Taubman Technique* with Dr Therese Milanovic
  • jazz lessons with John Reeves
  • attendance at Music Teachers’ Association Workshops (sessions with AMEB and ABRSM Examiners, Teaching Adolescents)
  • attendance at MTAQ Alan Lane Memorial Workshops (sessions on Engaging Young Beginners, Teaching Using Pop Music, Using Video and Technology)
  • Transform Your Teaching Workshop (focussing on using Pop Music and Improvisation)
  • Kerry has also joined ‘The Inner Circle’, an international online piano teaching community and education centre, run by the inspirational Melbourne-based teacher, Tim Topham. This site has so much valuable information about teaching that Kerry sometimes thinks she may explode!

*The Taubman Technique is a study of the biomechanics of piano playing and enables pianists to play faster, stronger, softer, easier, more expressively and without risk of injury. It is also a fabulous diagnostic and therapeutic tool for pianists who have already injured themselves through bad playing habits.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do piano lessons cost?

Individual half-hour lessons are $34. Hour lessons are $63. (Second and subsequent siblings will be given a $5 discount per lesson.) Invoices are sent out on a term basis.

Piano Lesson Rates

Individual Half-Hour Lesson: $34
Individual 1 Hour Lesson: $63
Siblings 2 Half-Hour Lessons: $63

How old should children be when they start piano lessons?

It’s never too young to start to learn piano provided the child is keen, the approach is aural and imitative, and everyone realises progress will not be so rapid with very young children. From about age 7, children can more easily learn to read music.

Do we need to have an acoustic piano at home?

Ideally, yes, but many students begin on digital keyboard piano and can progress well. Digital pianos must be touch-sensitive and of a reputable brand.

Kerry’s Piano Studio Policy 2017